If you are concerned about a woman’s drinking habits, here is the National Council on Alcoholism’s checklist of danger signals aimed specifically at women.

* Do you drink when you are depressed in the hopes that it will make you feel better?

* Do you regularly use alcohol as medicine - to relieve menstrual cramps, help you sleep, calm your nerves?

* Do you need a drink to feel sociable?

* Do you feel more witty and attractive when drinking?

* Do you drink under pressure or after an argument?

* Do you drink to drown out angry feelings or to relax?

* Do you get someone to buy liquor for you because you are ashamed to buy it yourself?

* Do you buy liquor at different places so no one will know how much you purchase? Do you hide the empty bottles and dispose of them secretly?

* Do you plan in advance to reward yourself with a little drinking bout after you have worked in the house or on the job?

* Are you permissive with your children because you feel guilty about the way you have behaved while drinking.

* Do you have “blackouts” - periods about which you remember nothing? Do you phone the hostess of a party the next day and asked if you made a fool of yourself or hurt anyone’s feelings?

* Do you find cigarette holes in your clothes or on your furniture and can’t remember when you made them?

* Do you take an extra drink or two before leaving for a party, though you know that drinks will be served there?

* Do you wonder if anyone knows how much you drink? Do you become defensive when someone mentions your drinking?

* Do you feel panicky when faced with non-drinking days, or when you are without money to purchase alcohol?

* Do you invent social occasions for drinking, such as inviting friends for lunch, cocktails or dinner, or arrange business appointments around meal time or after work?

* Do you carry liquor in your purse? Do you become irritated when unexpected guests reduce your liquor supply?

* Do you try to cover up when you can't remember promises and feel ashamed when you misplace or lose things?

* Do you drive your car though you have been drinking, feeling certain that you are in complete control of yourself?

* Do you have prescriptions for sleeping pills or tranquilizers that you use along with alcohol?

* Do you use alcohol to engage in or avoid sexual activity?

Any woman who answers yes to five or more of these questions has a drinking problem but even few affirmative answers may be a sign of serious trouble.

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